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Credit insurance

Every entrepreneur knows that risks come with the territory. It is therefore essential to eliminate them as much as possible. This is an increasing challenge in a complex economy, and credit insurance can be a decisive factor. Not only if you have to deal with non-payment, but also with manufacturing, contract risks, natural disasters, or political instability.

The specialists at Finance & Insurance provide credit insurance that fits seamlessly with your commercial activities to insure your accounts receivable portfolio against economic and political risks. These pay out on time in the event of a setback, whereby you maintain your cash flow. In short, an insurance that gives you the peace of mind you need, knowing that a defaulting buyer will not bring your company into serious difficulties.

However, credit insurance does more. It proactively alerts you when challenges arise with existing customers. You can check the creditworthiness of prospective buyers yourself. An additional advantage: with credit insurance, you can easily acquire additional financing at a lower cost.

Credit insurance is an increasingly dynamic industry. Achieving the best possible coverage for the client’s trading activities is a challenge every time.
It requires a strong relationship and short lines of communication between broker and insurers and their risk underwriters. It goes without saying that the experienced Finance & Insurance team guarantees the best insurance solution.

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Single risk and political coverage

Standard credit insurance usually does not provide a solution for covering special risks and long-term projects.  We offer customized insurance policies to cover these types of particular risks.

When it comes to insurance for projects and single-risk credit risks, Finance & Insurance has extensive specialist knowledge. We offer customized solutions for both political and non-payment risks up with a maximum term of 8 years.
These single-risk policies are placed at Lloyd’s and with the Special Products department of leading insurers. Our single-risk team gets excited when faced with challenging projects. It has a proven track record with leading Dutch exporters.

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Working capital financing

Are you dealing with exports, growth, acquisitions, significant transactions, a large supply chain or seasonal effects? Or do you merely need additional liquidity, refinancing or do you want a comparison of the possibilities in the market? Whatever the reason, Finance & Insurance has the expertise to increase your financial options.

To make the most of your commercial opportunities, you must have sufficient financial scope. Financing based on your assets such as accounts receivable, stocks, orders, machinery or other assets can help you with this.

Finance & Insurance offers companies independent advice on working capital financing. In doing so, we look for the optimal financing structure and support you in realizing it. We work with reputable market parties, and through our expertise and excellent contacts, we guarantee you will get the best deal!

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Debt Collection

A customer who won’t or can’t pay is an undesirable situation; it can impact your company’s liquidity. Collecting receivables from defaulting customers can be a tough challenge. Not only in the Netherlands but also abroad.

Finance & Insurance helps you with valuable information and selecting the best collection partner when a collection process is inevitable. Both locally and abroad, we work with specialists who approach debtors by phone and visit them if necessary.

This tailor-made approach reduces the need to go to court. At the same time, this approach ensures accelerated collection and a high percentage of debts collected. If legal proceedings are still unavoidable, our partners have the necessary expertise. In all cases, an optimal collection result is paramount to ensure that you get what you are entitled to.

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