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A rich history

Finance & Insurance was founded in 1997. In those 25+ years, a leading position in the credit insurance market has been achieved with a portfolio comprising more than 800 clients in various industries. More than 45 billion euros in turnover is insured for these clients, including the related payment and political risks. In 1999, Finance & Insurance became a partner in ICBA (International Credit Brokers Alliance) in order to provide optimal support to internationally operating clients operating abroad as well. Since 2018, the German Ecclesia Group has held a majority stake in Finance & Insurance. This enables us to further optimize our services. In 2009, Finance & Insurance launched Finance & Insurance Working Capital, specializing in flexible financing solutions advising our (potential) clients on the possibilities of attracting and structuring (more) flexible working capital.

Added value

Knowledge of the subject matter, experience, and the right contacts are decisive factors when it comes to credit insurance or working capital financing. Almost all Finance & Insurance professionals have worked at a senior level with leading credit insurers or factoring companies.

With this experience, we advise you so you can obtain the best conditions and price in combination with optimal coverage. But of course, also for getting claims paid and -if necessary- smooth handling of collection procedures.
In addition, we periodically provide relevant management information providing you with valuable insights into the risks within your accounts receivable portfolio. This allows you to anticipate current developments in a timely manner while maintaining focus on your business and growth.

In addition to regular credit insurance, Finance & Insurance specializes in insuring political risks and single-risk transactions (special projects). Through our global contacts in various credit insurance markets, we are able to fully insure your transactions and projects at the lowest cost.

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Ivo Zernitz

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Jeroen Coenraads

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